Sustainable fashion label: Cocccon, Creativity can care
An Indo-German influence

The union of 2 different traditions and experimentation gives rise to the label Cocccon, Creativity can care. This unique label is one of the first to understand need of luxury into sustainable fashion.


Prakash, eclectic designer and paramour of the force of color, established the brand through the application of his creative instinct to the medium of yarns and weaves. He excels in technical experimentation and above all in the absolute innovation of organically produced peace silk.


Georg, a remarkable fashion activist from Berlin, qualified in communication design. Loves breaking the rules in regard to stylistic and aesthetic standards. A bridge between the German classic concept of refinement and extreme Avantgarde, in complete opposition to the customary conventions of the fashion world.

The values of the Cocccon universe are expressed through the constant exploration of the unknown and the unexpected, perpetually distancing itself from the conventional rules of fashion, in order to endow each piece with a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind aspect and an avantgarde spirit.

This unique amalgamation of Indo-German design values has been rewarded. Cocccon has won…

German Sustainability Awards Design 2021

German Federal Eco Design Awards 2018