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Educating the village in pandemic

This pandemic has already changed various management of a nation. One of the most affected areas was the education system. Students are now forced to acquire the distance online system. This has created a concern in those areas where the technology is not so updated. Schools are shut down and children who lack these facilities are indulging in their households or simply doing nothing. They are mostly children of daily wage workers, silk farmers, potters etc. We all know how hard this pandemic has hit them even to collect money for bread and butter. Keeping this concern in mind classes for children in the Saraikela district of Jharkhand has been initiated by the team.

These children now can get access to direct education with a tutor and also keeping in mind the covid necessary rules. Social distancing, proper sanitization and mask is made compulsory for the children.


Classes of 25 minutes take place in shifts to ensure social distancing. We have managed to link with standard teachers who would provide them quality education.

My Village My Responsibility: (2nd Wave of covid)

COVID-19 is now entering the tribal villages. The villagers have started facing the issues of the pandemic. Rural societies lack digital connectivity and understanding of what is going around the world. Why is it that since last one year their work is moving at slug speed? With the understandings they have it was unbelievable for them to think there could be a virus which could spread like fire. Social distancing and proper sanitization could be so important to protect one from an illness.

The villagers of Kuchai are daily wager, silk farmers, potters etc. it has become difficult for them to go to work as there are strict rules to follow social distancing. Pandemic has made it difficult for them to sustain food for living. Understand the current situations of the pandemic’s exponential outrage resulting in acute shortage of beds in the hospitals. It is difficult for the medical facilities to reach out to the rural areas of India.


Hence, a team has taken up the initiative to educate, support and spread awareness about the current COVID-19 scenario to the villagers of Kuchai. Their medical facilities were uplifted by providing beds, bed sheets, oximeters, PPE kits, masks, soaps, sanitizers, etc. Helping them overcome the fear of vaccination, wearing masks, benefits of quarantine. Campaign helped villagers in understanding that everyone’s participation is the only way we can fight this COVID-19 pandemic.


This initiative was executed by the BDO of Kuchai. Further plans are to excursion to other villages and create awareness and educate the villagers regarding the pandemic.
This was possible with the proactive decision of keeping the stock for such a pandemic. Scientists already warned about the second wave and we wore our shoes and were prepared to serve the society as much as possible.

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